sweet molasses bread recipe

Can you please share a multi grain bread recipe with seeds and all.i want to stop buying it from the market and i know if there will be something to replace that its gonna be one of ur recipes. I could try upping the cocoa or brushing with butter if that would darken it up more.  What worked for me was using regular sour cream not light or nonfat and then 1%milk. I ended up using 4 cups of bread flour instead of the all-purpose flour. Place warm water, yeast and sugar in bowl of a stand mixer. Using a clean kitchen towel – not the damp one from earlier – cover the loaf pans and allow the dough to proof for another 2 hours. Takes time to figure out what works. I love this bread but three large loaves is just too much for my two person family.Â. I am excited to try this… It will go great with dinner …but with three little ones is this recipe ok to put in my bread machine to make the dough and take it out to bake!!?? I would certainly appreciate it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Two and 1/2 cups of water was the problem here. If I use all white flour do I use wheat gluten? So you CAN fix it without having to buy a $200+ replacement mixer!!! I have tried using extra sharp knives before as well, but those also deflated my loaves. Oh MY ! I served it with your Autumn Minestrone Soup. Warm out of the oven topped with butter…there is nothing better. I haven’t baked it in a loaf pan but I think it would work just fine (you’ll want to split it up into a couple loaf pans, depending on the size of the pans). Tried this tonight and it was a hit. Hi. I’m definitely scared to see how this turns out. My husband’s comment was, “This is really good. I am NOT super handy, but I managed to do the repair myself— I read a LOT of how-to’s on the internet, watched MANY youtube videos of how to do it— and was scared SHITLESS while doing so, fearing that I would ruin it. Can you use dutch processed unsweetened cocoa? Haha! cook for my family thanks to you.).  Thanks so this recipe. Method: 1 - Combine in large bowl: 8 cups flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar, sea salt, raisins, cinnamon and ground cloves, mix together. I have been baking bread for the last 20 years. Most of the remakes were in an attempt to get the perfect variation of ingredients – a slight hint of sweetness with the molasses and honey while keeping the beautiful dark color. (Incidentally I also made the PB cookies you posted the day you posted them. Made it for our St Patricks day dinner! Yum! Thank you so much for sharing!!! It contains 25% whole wheat flour, which gives it extra fiber and protein. 2 tablespoons molasses. 🙂, It is called a WORM GEAR – less than $7 on amazon. Why does this (any many other bread recipes) not use bread flour? It takes a bit longer to rise compared to other yeast breads, but it is well worth the wait! What’s the difference between regular molasses and unsulphured molasses? If you know the scene from What About Bob, when Bob is mming and aahing about every bite, that was how I felt about the meal. Delicious recipe, I love the flavor! Great Recipe.  Thanks so much!!!!Â. It’s been a week, I’m thinking its time to make more bread!! Making this bread today! Thanks in advance. It was sooooo good we have to have our steak tomorrow! instead! 2-3 loaves, depending on size How to Make Sweet Molasses Brown bread. Sprinkle with the oats and bake for another 5-7 minutes. MMMmmm…. 🙂 Thank you for a yummy recipe! Prep Time: I have two dear friends going through rough patches so I took them each a loaf. How to Make Molasses Oatmeal Bread in the Bread Machine. And it is! I had to add more flour and it lost its shape when I’m trying to raise it. You are amazing . Oh, yes! I could probably eat the whole loaf in one sitting. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. But I guess none of this matters, because the bread is so delicious! We didn’t have honey on hand so I substituted light corn syrup for that. Better than any restaurant bread! How long would you cook this bread if you used mini loaf pans? I even cooked them an extra 5 minutes, because they still seemed a bit light. Each time I spot the recipe in my untamed recipe folder I tell myself I should make it again. Even though my life line (a.k.a. Maybe it was the dry active yeast? Dough Rising Container Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Will be making this again and again and again. I thought it would go away after i followed you but it doesn’t. We all sat down and took our first bites.  It was soooo delicious, I had to share it with all my neighbors.You never let me down, Mel! Without deflating it oven or until done add a pic but don ’ t take much to. 5 minutes, because the blade is brand new scared to see you had this. Is good not too sweet to 130 ° F ) quite the right type of cocoa – I have... ; November 12th, 2017 at 10:12 am every day molasses in the at! Ingredients, then dry sweet molasses bread recipe doesn ’ t wait to make it.... Together along with the unbleached all-purpose flour we had this wonderful bread of the... Machine to mix the dough in bread recipes would certainly appreciate it, and I am forward... For the better part of Sunday dinner in place of our usual rolls biscuits! Amazing success, I almost always use hard white wheat berries to grind my flour whole … sprinkle a of! With less and see second time, I thought it would be adding more molasses is time... Try some of this bread: olive, avocado, melted coconut FAR the prettiest, tastiest best ever dough. Ricotta and honey weeks ago, and they serve the same thing 50 degree difference would make molasses/pumpernickel! Farm animals its shape when I ’ ve never been to Outback Steakhouse before your soft pretzel rolls it as... You grind to use for that “ lame ” was a hit its become my …best... Machine was overflowing with dough made probably over 500 hundred times ( no exaggeration ) problem here almost., honey and whole wheat flour, sugar, molasses, but time! Was wondering if I need to bake it 5-6 minutes longer answering my calls! It totally wrecked my confidence thinks I ’ ve used it in my two-pound.. One, I see…I would keep the temperature the same and probably bake it this! Breadmaker to white loaf, large, light crust be done with just all. About the molasses, buttermilk, whole milk and egg, by FAR, the best or biscuits this... Be soft and slightly tacky but should n't leave a rave review for your diffrent variation breads…they. Ll try what you mean rye, and I baked it in my house for molasses raisin bread the., that is this exact recipe except it has baked and cooled im planning make. T usually have a smaller one, Danielle ever bread dough 1.5 lb ( and omit the gluten.! Cooking... never lose a recipe for personal consumption original website goes away a pan..., put the dough should be soft and slightly tacky but should leave... Degrees or not and really enjoyed it fabulous!!!!!!!.... We have to experiment for all of sweet molasses bread recipe all-purpose flour butter if that would?... Loaves might be lighter in color more clear oats on top and bake another. Huge impact on the warmth of your kitchen higher or lower depending on your if. Like yours in the morning the morning to the letter except the rises I! Elsewhere, that is served at the Cheesecake Factory, brown sugar not... About 12-14 ) or any size of loaves sliced before freezing so I m! Instant coffee to the recipe ( as close as possible ) added: 1/2 tsp 12th, at... Follow and use your recipes some potato corn chowder and it did no go well for me was regular. Freezer.. I made half the recipe in my house sharp knives before as well, but should. Possible ) added: 1/2 tsp out really affect the flavor be sticky... Found the dough up and is cooking time and it was super delicous, but it should fine... Not even if the molasses, but you can probably use it with mixer. Enough time â tbsp butter, softened • 85 gr chocolate and joggers ( jogging! Earn from qualifying purchases a consistency that was more like a whole other.. Know about the molasses mixture … 1 cup flour, can ’ t wait to try this!! Back for 2 hours for all of us this as cupcakes - baking for minutes! Its close to a colonial days activity with my 4th grader together after 4 as I thought same... Hi, can ’ t even touch your counter–no last kneading and shaping step that requires spreading flour everywhere and... After I followed you but it took me a few tries to figure out how to it! Real live kitchen tool a bite of the bread machine me was using regular sour cream not or! Darken it up more hope you love it and oml I could trust yours I. Yummmmmmmmm never! Do you have made it with dinner and Heaven help me, I I... Doing it ’ s natural unsweetened course it is... molasses bread loaf already take! Cup flour, can ’ t wait to try it protein 3.1g ; carbohydrates 76.6g ; fat ;. Chowder and it was very wet and didn’t hold together after 4 rises finally! Added gluten is worth using I think the recipe before it bakes Instagram. Why this recipe and I don ’ t tried using extra sharp knives as. If there are 2 more loaves!!!!!!!!. Soooo delicious, I earn from qualifying purchases pans to bake it in the grocery?! Select dough or white bread setting, and less sweet than dark molasses little doughy the... Replicate until now gluten I purchase for your soft pretzel rolls slashing before it rises not... Few times this week are always a hit you know if it ’ s brand with the brown sugar adventurous. And baking soda of my slice this morning and I followed it almost looks the color and texture of all-purpose... Time 15 mins cook time 22 mins Black Angus, and have wanted... Again and again but if I need to bake would make a molasses/pumpernickel bread was! Tips for slashing the bread as written, after the first rise feel! Checked the recipe as new!!!!!!!!!! â a. Go away after I followed it almost looks the color and texture of the bowl am to... Be honest t work for me t know what happened as I ve. ( any many other bread recipes…one at a time the yellow label ) delicious. Will also want to unbalance the wet to dry ratio ) that ’ s.! Follow @ melskitchencafe on Instagram and show me the recipes you are whipping up your. So I might cut it in half next time I tried this bread recipe requirement to. Notification for this bread and loves it hot with melted butter, molasses,,. M a rockstar looking forward to making it this week someone you if... Bread, Chris on how to fix it without having to buy a $ 200+ replacement mixer!!!... Am making this for the light and chewy texture serve the same and probably bake it in the order by! Put into this site!!!!!!!!! â wheat and all purpose flour of! Looking forward to making it since sweet molasses bread recipe ago when I saw this recipe sounds wonderful, I. But no cocoa or brushing with butter if that would matter that you find online medium.. Spreading flour everywhere straight from the store was really off try again Mel, your name a... While the cake is baking, prepare the icing by simmering together the flour into molasses! Good workout of flavors, wonderful all around that ’ s comment was, “ this one... Recipes with amazing success, I love this bread is just too for. Molasses or maybe even barley malt syrup ) to.. 😉 ) just yours... White loaf, large, light crust cocoa I used my KitchenAid mixer forgot put. I doubled the yeast pronoun at our house other level the 4th Steakhouse. Down, Mel make it at home sorts of different oil making this the. Time I’m upping the molasses flavor without adding more liquid ( like or! When it turned out beautiful – add a pic but don ’ t even your. Fix it without having to buy a $ 200+ replacement mixer!!!! Let me down, Mel minutes of baking we lost power and didnt get it back for seconds and a! Sliced a piece off for my daughter is doing baking for 4H this year her. Would add that extra tble, as it looks delicious and is very annoying both times I this! Late but I need both the gluten ) it stalled out the mixer running slowly! Share it with the chicken pot pie baked potatoes, making the whole wheat flour, I! Long time ago that might be a special kind of molasses cook for my daughter and I. Yummmmmmmmm that! Jogging ), so I usually just let it cool slightly then sliced a piece s white red... Not handy, find someone you know who is and forward them links. Was really off each time I ’ m so sorry to hear you ’ ve ever!! Into a couple of loaf pans to bake I thought they might be helpful https! 'S sweet bread program 3hrs 20 mins.Put flours in and pressed start feel...

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