"THE 7D": The Voice Actors, Part 2 Just a few days to the Disney XD premiere of The 7D. The New Years is here, which means it's also smooching time for the Jolly Royals. … From grade school all the way up to high school, they've been average acquaintances. Little does he know, Queen Delightful too has a little secret of her own. Ever since they matured, their relationship blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Cover art done by The 7D … Based on the original characterization of the Seven Dwarfs from the 1939 film, the 7D are now a band of friendly helpers, frequently tasked with defending Queen Delightful and the dwarf population of Jollywood from the machinations of the villainous, swamp-dwelling Glooms. Left to right: Tom Ruegger, Leigh-Allyn Baker (Queen Delightful), Voice Director Kelly Ward, Paul Rugg (Starchbottom) I hope you’re having a hip hopping, fantasmical, MAGICAL day! After seeing Queen Delightful and Bashful kiss, a jealous Lord Starchbottom breaks down in tears and runs off. Gender Flip : The Magic Mirror, now voiced by Whoopi Goldberg .

Lord Starchbottom's Jaw Drop when Queen Delightful reads out his grocery list instead of her speech. Queen Delightful/Lord Starchbottom; Lord Starchbottom (Disney) Queen Delightful (Disney) Grumpy (Disney) New Year's Kiss; Happy 2019 everyone; Summary. ; In "Grim the Dragon", when the 7D see Jollywood being attacked by the dragon at the beginning Bashful jumps into a trunk, then sees Lord Starchbottom is in it … The 7D is a Disney XD animated series developed by Noah Z. Jones, first premiering on July 7, 2014. And so it begins… How are you doing today? *・。゚ What the- oh no, not this again.
Lord Starchbottom (voiced by Paul Rugg): Starchbottom (also called Starchy by the 7D) is the Queen's round-the-clock personal assistant, a job that requires him to live at her castle. He is at times snooty, and is often seen as the straight man to Delightful's silliness. ╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚. Language: English Words: 1,489 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 2 Hits: 68 But of course it goes uninterrupted. Gag Nose: All of the 7D (except for Bashful who has a little button nose), Lord Starchbottom and Grim. Lord Starchbottom and Queen Delightful have practically lived their entire lives together. But first, meet Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom!

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