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Use all the spells you need to--DRBR for the demons, ARFI for the Dark Lord. THE BARD'S TALE II ===== INTRODUCTION ----- Every game that sells well deserves a sequel, and here it is -- THE BARD'S TALE II: THE DESTINY KNIGHT.

Break through and change the bard song.

The Sage lives alone in the wilderness and is a treasure trove of useful information. Just before them, play bard song 7. The Bard's Tale Trilogy > General Discussions > Topic Details. You should return to see the Sage after completing every dungeon, for he provides the clues that will guide you in each step of finding the fragments of the Destiny Wand and defeating Lagoth Zanta.

Past the next doors you have another set of double doors.

As a big fan of Wizardry V, I like what I've …

Also, cast a levitation spell before moving on because if your conjurer gets it, you're stuck.

Also, make sure you enter this dungeon with 6 characters in your party, not 7. Might is not always right, but in this game it sure doesn't hurt to have some on your side. Sep 10, 2018 @ 8:39pm Traps and Secret Doors TLDR: How do you get traps to show up on the map without setting them off and without a rogue? Bard’s Tale II walkthrough part 2: the dark domain (if you missed it, go back to part 1) The princess is not in another castle; she is in the Dark Domain, a 4-level dungeon that gives you an introduction to the game. Either to #3 for -4 AC bonus or #2(spellsong) so you're not affected by spells. and a Bard.
2 - A voice proclaims, “The winged one can traverse the gap.” 3 - A sign says “Stairs straight ahead.” 4 - A corpse is here with a tombstone marked: Hotwind. It is a bit tricky in places, so you need to pay attention. Oh!

How are secret doors detected? In areas unpassable, seek entrance by Phase Door to learn the secret of the double doors: 6 - Beware the creature that lies in the middle of darkness... O - An old man appears and speaks to you, saying: “Below you now, thrice count the floors, play the last for the double doors.” He then vanishes. The Bard's Tale Trilogy. Ariel plays the Watchwood Melody to get the Heroes of Skara Brae past the Double Doors in the fourth level of the Dark Domain.

It seems that lawless mercenaries (with a bit of help from the evil Archmage known as Lagoth Zanta) have taken the Destiny Wand.

Silence (End bard songs) - One way walls or doors are thin 2 - Dark Domain 2: 4 - Dark Domain 4: 1 - Seek the four cornered letters.

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