It is especially devastating when a parent, the person a child depends on for protection and safety, becomes a danger.

The cutting remarks. It can be subtle or explicit. But what works for one person may not work for another. To your teenage son, for instance, the repercussions of smoking weed or drinking beers with friends on weeknights don’t seem so bad. Physical and verbal abuse against teens can have long-lasting emotional and physical health effects on them. Emotional abuse can lead to mental and physical symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. The putdowns. Physical abuse is one of the most common forms of child maltreatment. Regardless of the delivery, the effects of verbal and emotional abuse … Sometimes, abuse can lead to lasting or recurring health problems, such as shaken baby syndrome or … Treating Effects of Physical Abuse. The Physical Impact of Addiction [Infographic] ... often because the short-term side effects of substance abuse are not always apparent at first. If the patient has injuries, the injuries should be treated by health professionals. The impact of physical abuse on a child’s life can be far-reaching. The Exceedingly Serious Psychological Effects of Child Abuse. Internal injuries and underlying complications may accompany visible injuries, so the patient should receive a full examination. While there is no overlooking the fact that abuse is severely damaging to children, physically and emotionally, it also affects the health of a nation because in many cases its definition is blurred and its signs are difficult to identify. A patient that has been physically abused should be removed from the abusive situation immediately.
Verbal Abuse and Behavior Verbal abuse is aggressive behavior expressed as name-calling, belittling, swearing, negative criticism, threats or ordering a child around, according to Dr. Asa Don Brown, writing for the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association.

And not everyone is ready to begin recovery right away. Like a virus that shows no outward physical symptoms, emotional abuse can go unnoticed for an observer but is felt deep within. Physical Effects The most obvious effect of child abuse is physical injury to the child. Legal definitions vary from state to state, but broadly, physical abuse occurs when a parent or caregiver commits an act that results in physical injury to a child or adolescent, such as red marks, cuts, welts, bruises, muscle sprains, or broken bones, even if the injury was unintentional. The constant verbal onslaught. Some children develop traumatic stress reactions.

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