Mercury has 38% of earth’s gravity – One must wonder maybe there are on the wrong planet that is why people call them overweight. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun as well as the smallest planet in our solar system, in terms of both mass and volume. As well as being very hot, it features a barren, crater covered surface which looks similar to Earth's moon. We Earthlings only ever see one face of the Moon, because it is completely tidally locked to Earth. Enjoy amazing trivia and have fun learning about the planets found in our Solar System. January 9, 2020.

42 Bohemian Facts About Freddie Mercury Kyle Climans “I always knew I was a star. Here are 20 kickass and interesting facts about Freddie Mercury. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and due to its proximity it is not easily seen except during twilight. And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.”—Freddie Mercury . Mercury Facts for Kids. 2) He had a long-term relationship with Mary Austin in the early 70s, who became his closest friend. Besides, mercury can dissolve and becomes a new substance or “an amalgam” when it comes into contact with other metals such as silver and gold, except iron. The symbol Hg that mercury is … Enjoy guys! Mercury is a small planet which orbits closer to the sun than any other planet in our solar system. Mercury is also called as quicksilver or hydrargyrum. When you look at Mercury’s size you will see that it’s only a little bit larger than the Earth’s moon.

Published August 9, 2018. There are … Mercury’s year may be 88 Earth-days long, but its day is 176 Earth-days long, or twice as long as its year. The nearest neighbor of Sun, Mercury has some peculiar characteristics that make it quite different from other planets in the Solar System. Mercury is rarely found as a free element because it easily forms amalgams with other metals like gold, cadmium, silver and aluminum. It is because of that fact that mercury is not allowed to be carried on air crafts because they are aluminum. 1. Freddie Mercury's real name was Farookh Bulsara, and he was an Indian o. PicFacts. Facts about its characteristics and composition. Mercury: the Smallest Planet! Interesting Information: Mercury is not only the planet that is the smallest in our solar system, it’s also the planet that is closest to the sun. 29 Magnificent Facts about Mercury. I will share with you some of the interesting facts about mercury that you might not know. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Mercury is closest to the Sun as compared to other planets (Order of the planets from the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (the dwarf planet)) 2. It helped me with my school report on Mercury … 1-5 Kickass and Interesting Facts about Freddie Mercury 1. During the day, the surface temperature can reach as high as 840 degrees Fahrenheit, whilst at night it can drop as low as -279 degrees Fahrenheit.

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