Wonder Words (18) Many astronauts spend weeks or even months in space at a time. But apparently NASA was quite upset about the sit-down strike, and (petulantly in my opinion) made sure Pogue, Carr, and Gibson would never fly in space again.

Astronauts face mental and emotional challenges the majority of us will never experience. Unlike in Star Trek: The Next Generation, astronauts won't be able to kill time in the holodeck. The creativity this allows has helped reduce boredom while also ensuring that astronauts are eating enough nutritious food.

Even though they’re inside a shuttle, exercise is still an extremely vital part of …
Scott Kelly is going to spend a year in space in 2015, and he highlighted boredom as one of the things he will need to fight against during his time on the International Space Station. The astronaut's productivity subsequently improved and the remainder of the mission passed uneventfully. To counteract both boredom and malnutrition, NASA has started to give astronauts a variety of spices along with the ability to cook some of their own meals. One effective way astronauts combat boredom is by staying busy with work.
But even after the acclimation to microgravity sets in, there’s still boredom, isolation, fatigue, and claustrophobia to fight. That’s a strategy at HI-SEAS, where the crew member Kate Greene told me that her schedule is packed … Astronauts have ‘flight planners’ back on Earth that help to schedule time to exercise throughout their days in space. One effective way astronauts combat boredom is by staying busy with work. For astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), free falling at over 17,000 mph 217 miles above the Earth can be a bit stressful.

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