- Duration: 0:23. The hardest , most difficult tiktok dance TUTORIAL - must watch ( creds: descrip.)

Skr skr I'm gone I'm gone Yo I'm like why you always moaning Chewing off my ear always asking who I'm phoning One day your pissed off then the next day your joking Your always at my neck I'm surprised I'm not choking Don't get me wrong I like being in your company Especially when your doing that When you bend your back But I'd rather be all on my john stones I’m in, I’m out, and I’m gone You gotta answer to somebody You gotta answer to somebody If you didn’t learn, then you didn’t read Gonna live with it, gotta live with it, yeah What’s a man to do, what’s a man to do Gotta answer to somebody Answer to somebody Gotta answer, answer, yeah And I’m in, I’m out, and I’m gone Take that feedback off That playback off, take that playback off, like yuh Aye, gotta take that playback off, like yuh Aye, aye I'm outta there, I'm gone Big racks, they long I'm hot now, I'm on Said I wouldn't be shit, they was wrong I'm outta there, I'm gone Big racks, they long I'm hot now, I'm on Said I wouldn't be shit, they was wrong I been had sauce, truffle I been in my bag, duffle Bitch I'm a dog, muzzle Always … Lara The One 56,589 views

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