In scientific measurement, temperature is a way of measuring atomic measure.

Algae. Absolute zero isn't just a fancy-sounding number: it's the lowest temperature possible, where the atoms and moleules in a substance become absolutely still. Yes. The world record lowest temperature is less than one ten-billionth of a degree above absolute zero.

Temperature lower than absolute zero is not possible. Theoretically, absolute zero is the coldest temperature that is possible anywhere in the universe.

At a temperature of absolute zero there is no motion and no heat. Thermal energy is the energy an object due to the motion of its molecules. The closest we’ve ever got to absolute zero is less than 100 picokelvin, or 100 trillionths of a degree above absolute zero at the Low Temperature Lab at the University of Aalto in Finland. (—In 1912, chemist Walther Nernst proposed that cooling an object to absolute zero is impossible with a finite amount of time and resources. In a black hole. At absolute zero, atoms and molecules in a system would be in their lowest possible energy state. But is it reachable? Therefore, the temperature can’t get any lower either. Given that assumption, the energy can’t get any lower. absolute zero-273 celcius, the lowest-possible temperature. This is not correct. The first is that in order to achieve absolute zero in a physical system, the system's entropy has to also hit zero. These devices typically involve trapping individual atoms in magnetic fields. Absolute zero is a scientific concept that describes the coldest possible temperature that can exist.

Lower than absolute zero a gas contain negative pressure and volume which is not possible. Absolute zero occurs at a temperature of 0 degrees Kelvin, or -273.15 degrees Celsius, or at -460 degrees Fahrenheit. At absolute zero, the coldest possible temperature, particles have a minimum of kinetic energy, and therefore the lowest possible speed. a compound that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water; has pH less than 7.

Absolute zero is defined as the point where no more heat can be removed from a system, according to the absolute or thermodynamic temperature scale. Naturally, this assumes that a system has a lowest possible energy. It is the basis for the Kelvin scale, one of the three temperature scales used in everyday physics and life. This corresponds to zero Kelvin, or minus 273.15 C. This is zero on the Rankine scale and minus 459.67 F. Absolute zero is the temperature at which the particles of matter (molecules and atoms) are at their lowest energy points.Some people think that at absolute zero particles lose all energy and stop moving. As you approach absolute zero, atoms and molecules lose their energy and slow down. If Absolute zero, ( -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 273.15 Celsius), is the hypothetical point at which a substance would have no motion and no heat.

However, according to the Third Law of Thermodynamics, it is not possible to bring a system down to absolute zero. Essentially, the faster atoms move around, the higher the temperature.

simple, one-celled plantlike organisms found in water or damp places; includes seaweeds, pond scum, and so on. At a temperature of absolute zero there is no motion and no heat. In the International System of Units, the Kelvin (K) scale is the standard for all scientific temperature measurements. Since nothing can be cooler than absolute zero, one cannot cool something to absolute zero. Acid. That's true. It's Never Too Cold for Quantum Absolute zero is the lowest temperature possible. Contemporary models of physical cosmology postulate that the highest possible temperature is the Planck temperature, which has the value 1.416 785 (71) × 10 32 kelvin, or about 2.55 × 10 32 fahrenheit.

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