Top100arena Aion Online Private Servers. 2. MyAion /46/: Highest quality OPEN 03/20 Private server Aion [46], Official server assembly, The highest quality, ---[No bugs]---, Rates x1 for everything, Open Date: 03/20/2020. XtremeTop100. The rates were x1 without free eternal gears.

Rates x1 for everything. The rates were x1 without free eternal gears. The game is launched through the shortcut myaion.exe in the root of the client Before starting the game, it is recommended to add the game folder to the antivirus exceptions (standard practice for Aion game clients with Active Anti-Cheat), then restart the computer and start the game. Private server Aion /4.6/ «MyAion» Daevas! And on this occasion we have prepared a little surprise for you! PEACE, CAKE, TASTIES! There is a distinct need for crafters and people out farming. Private server Aion 4.6 «MyAion» → News → Server started successfully! Private server Aion 4.6 (rates x1). We are glad to introduce you a new private server with a perfect quality - MyAion! Congratulations to all of you on May Day! I highly recommend this server for those who want a good 4.0 experience (especially if you miss Katalam and Danaria). Event: PEACE, CAKE, TASTY! The experience leveling from 1-65 was very much like vanilla and I enjoyed it. Brave Daevas!

You can vote for our server at the following links: 1. MyAion is a high-quality and reliable server for fans of the game Aion on version [4.6], one of the most balanced versions with favorite locations of the Catalams.Classic x1 rates will allow you to save the game in the form intended by the developers.The server has opened on 20.03.2020..

MyAion - Good experience on this server. The optimal location of the server (East of France) allows you to enjoy a great ping from any part of Europe. Official server assembly. MyAion 4.6. My private server's experience. News from our server. Official server assembly. Delicious our Daevas! The highest quality. 1) At the moment, x2 rates for experience and drop from mobs are included (for a week) Game server: - Server equipment in Moscow (low ping and minimal delays) - AntiDDOS protection - Antibot and Anticheat system - Ability to play on 32 and 64-bit client (reducing lags and increasing productivity on the client side)

Open Date: 03/20/2020 Private server Aion 4.6 (rates x1). I am looking for a private server in Europe/Russia which won't be a ghost town, will have english speaking community and no P2W shop. Server started successfully! Dear players! Can you recommend me some of the following: GameCoast 4.6. The game server is launched, 03.20.2020 at 18:00 Moscow time Have a nice game! There is a distinct need for crafters and people out farming.

Posted by: [May 01, 2020] Event: PEACE, CAKE, TASTY! No bugs. Regards MyAion Administration. The experience leveling from 1-65 was very much like vanilla and I enjoyed it.

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