Order online or at a Baskin-Robbins shop near you. Signature; Meatless; All Time Favourite; Corporate Sales. The only Harry Potter Cake you will ever need. Old Polar This traditional cake in our namesake is an enduring delight of vanilla buttercake layered with an unique old-school buttercream and strawberry jam, and coated with crunchy peanut. It’s perfect for a fun family night or sharing at parties. Customised Cake ; Photocake; Pastries. Signature; Meatless; All Time Favourite; Corporate Sales. Item Details Signature; Meatless; All Time Favourite; Corporate Sales. Customised Cake ; Photocake; Pastries.

Customised Cake ; Photocake; Pastries. Harry Potter fans, this Butterbeer Cake is for you! Indulge in a Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treat. Butterscotch cake layers, cream soda, and marshmallow all in one spellbinding dessert.
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