Tri D Chess is the only Android multilevel 3D chess game that brings Star Trek chess to life, and it’s free! The object is to checkmate the king. Tri D Chess remembers the last 15 games you started, so you can have multiple games in progress at the same time. When I first heard that Three Dimensional Chess was a thing, I was disappointed that there were no widely available boards to buy, so I figured I’d make my own! Play Edit. Three Dimensional Chess Board: For my SIDE Project, I decided to make a Three Dimensional Chess Set, just like the kind that Kirk and Spock famously play in Star Trek: The Original Series. Three-dimensional chess is a variant of the ancient Earth board game chess.. From Cestus III to the planet Vulcan, from Sol III to the very heart of the Klingon Empire, it is played by numerous forms of intelligent life and honored for its cool logic. Here is the most common form of 3D chess. 2. 3D chess from Star Trek. Three dimensional chess - Kogbetliantz game.

You can play against the computer with 10 different difficulty levels, or play against another person on your device. There is no castling. One of the oldest forms of three dimensional chess was invented by dr. Ervand George Kogbetliantz. No, I'm not playing three-dimensional chess with you—I can barely play regular chess! Rating the Games These games may be equally good, but certainly are different. Very 3D Chess uses purely 3-dimensional Knights and Pawns. Being three-dimensional and unusual in design, it leaves the impression that it is a game requiring even greater skill and intelligence than Chess. If you had a Java-capable browser, you could play Three-Dimensional Chess here. play three-dimensional chess 1. Kirk and Spock play a game of three-dimensional chess in 2259. Ferdinand Maaack, 1907. Upright 3D Chess should be very easy to learn if you are already a 2D Chess player.

Three-Dimensional Chess. Literally, to play a variation on traditional chess that involves multiple boards positioned at different heights (also known as "3D chess"). It was an accustomed pastime of Kirk and Spock aboard the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century..

Three-dimensional chess is an extremely beautiful and logical game, known and respected from one edge of the galaxy to another. The king moves to any square not removed more than one in any of the three dimensions. Movement of pieces is similar to that of traditional chess. Kogbetliantz, a Russian mathematician, invented this game in 1918, when he was still living in Russia. Mixed 3D Chess attempts to be the most balanced, and Flat 3D Chess has very special Pawns. Keys "s"=save "l"=load "b"=back once. I thought that there would be many more who would enjoy it too, so I want to make it a set that everyone can play. In a number of Star Trek episodes, Kirk and Spock can be seen playing a three dimensional chess variant together.

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