Though it's been burning for some 4.5 billion years, the sun is only about halfway through its life. The sun, as it appeared on April 13, 2016. MICHELLE STARR .

But how could it have that much fuel? 7 MAY 2018 .

Sunburn is the result of too much exposure to the sun, or a sun-equivalent (such as a tanning bed or other UV source). Scientists have made new predictions about what the end will look like for our Solar System, and when that will happen.

Severe sunburn symptoms are called sun poisoning and may include: This question was originally answered on Quora by C Stuart Hardwick. The sun is constantly getting hotter as it burns. * 0.5 billion years further till it expands to double its size.

This means that, if the earth was to live to 100 years old, it would be 80 years old just now. If, though, you're asking when the Sun will turn into a completely dark ball of compressed carbon, then the answer is somewhere along the lines of 10's of billions of years.

This happens in the central part of the Sun, its Core, through a process called nuclear fusion. Until your sunburn heals, stay out of the sun. But like most things in space, even stars have limited lifetimes, and someday our sun will die.

Earth will be cooked by then. You may be able to treat the sunburn yourself.

But how could it have that much fuel? * 5.4 billion years more until the conventional fuel runs out and the Red Giant formation will commence. But call for a doctor's help if you notice any of these more serious sunburn signs: The burning hydrogen in the shell around the core significantly increases the brightness of the sun. Luckily for us, the sun didn’t burn out before we showed up a few hundred thousand years ago. The sun gives energy to life on Earth, and without this star, we wouldn't be here. What will our Sun look like after it dies?

; Mild sunburn symptoms include skin redness and pain.After about 4-7 days, skin peeling may occur. The process of compression in the centre allows the outer regions of the star to expand outwards.

Why hasn’t it been snuffed out like a candle or a campfire? This may look like a lot but the Sun actually burns Hydrogen, a gas, and it turns it into Helium, another gas. But even if our planet slips out of the sun's reach, the intense temperatures will burn it to a sad, dead crisp. Then its outer shell will collapse and it would become a whit dwarf. Nightly Recovery Complex Ultra Luxurious Night Cream: Vit C Ultra Bright Serum Ultimate C Serum: Triple Peptide Serum with Fruit Stem Cell: Aloe Vera Skin Fix The Sun will definitely burn out but not explode( Nova) since it is within Chandrashekars limit. Luckily for us, the sun didn’t burn out before we showed up a few hundred thousand years ago.

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